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Ymakanic Coin - blockchain coin
No fees
In line with Y-Chain's core principles, transactions using YKC are free of charge, making it an attractive choice for everyday and business transactions.
Stimulating Development
Y-coin incentivizes developers and users in the Y-Chain ecosystem. It rewards contributions to the network, pays for services, and facilitates participation in management decisions.
Accessibility and Integration
The token integrates easily with numerous cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, providing convenience and ease of use to a broad audience.
Y-coin holders can partake in the governance of the Y-Chain platform, facilitating a decentralized and democratic governance process.
and cryptocurrency ratings
Decentralized DEX exchange in the TON network
CEX exchange
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Ymakanic Coins issuance is for 24 years at current parameters, but can be changed via DAO vote. Daily rewards are determined by the total number of coins blocked and the individual user's contribution, with the annual issue being a constant, changeable only by vote.
16 777 216
Total emission
12 000 000
Steaking protocol
3 500 000
Pre-sales and ICO
777 216
Ymakanic Labs
500 000
To the developers